Gone are the days of stamp cards

Lylt solves the hassle of forgetting your loyalty cards to your favorite places. Save all your loyalty stamps & rewards in the app to redeem rewards hassle-free.

Lylt - Loyalty is awesome

How it Works

Get rewarded with 3 simple steps


Add your favorite places

Lylt allows you to easily save your stamps, hassle-free. Simply scan the QR code at the counter to add it to your app.

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Collect loyalty stamps

Show your QR code to the merchant whenever you purchase anything. Once scanned, you will see a stamp added to your rewards - it's like magic!

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Get rewarded!

Once you have collected enough stamps, simply redeem your reward, you can also stack your rewards for another time!

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Your homescreen is catered specifically for you - based on where you currently are!

  • View promotions from your favorite places
  • Find nearby places which offer stamps
  • Suggest a place which could benefit from our app

Recieve push notifications when you're nearby a place partnered with Lylt - you can automatically add them to your app even without scanning the QR code

  • Push notifications based on your current location
  • Easily add places to your app without scanning any QR codes

View all your favorite places added to your app and get an overview of how many stamps you have collected so far

    See how close you are to getting that FREE reward

    • View stamps collected so far
    • See available rewards to redeem
    • Push notifications when receiving a stamp or reward

    Available on iOS and Android

    Lylt is available on the Apple App Store & Google Play Store. Download the app today and get rewarded!

    Lylt - Loyalty is awesome